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Hello dear readers,

Hold on to something, because I'm about to shake things up.  I'm taking a brief hiatus from the comics.  Not because I'm quitting — far from it; I'm refocusing my efforts on getting the site all polished and running properly with the combined effort of a much more web-savvy friend than I.  It helps that I have a collection of comics to put up on the site in the meantime.  Another important aspect of the site is traffic.  I'll be looking into advertisements and getting link-ups with other comic sites to draw in visitors, and ad revenue!  

The reason behind this change?  My efforts between my job, the comics, and the site are piling and things are getting put on the back burner, and burning.  I may have a little...overzealous, with my initial resolution of a comic a day for a year.  I was never too big a believer in guys being bad at multi-tasking, but I can see a change in the quality I expect from my art since I picked up designing the site and getting those ducks in a row.  My head is swimming here!  My method of hand-drawing everything takes a lot of time when details need to be redrawn with a varying degree of precision, rather than digitally reproduced.  I need to make that jump into digital drawing, learning Photoshop or Illustrator, and coloring.....which seems like a daunting task, but there's "Blank for Dummies" books for everything!

I'm very appreciative of the goal I initially set, the body of work I've created, and the skills I've honed on my own, however, I bit off more than I could chew.  Once the site gets running smoothly, I'm thinking of adapting a more reasonable comic update schedule, probably a 3 comic a week update in the beginning.  That will give me time to spend on drawing as well as practice.  I've bookmarked tons of tutorials, diagrams, and techniques for improving drawing that I'd love to get started on.  

Thank you for being understanding, and thank you for following my comics; it's much appreciated!



p.s. - I will be finishing the comics through the end of May, and posting them as I do to tide you over for a little bit.
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Wow...the third month just passed.  When did it become April?!  90 Comics and 31 drawing challenges behind me.  When I started, I was dubious I'd make it this far.  I thought surely something would cause me to miss a night and throw the whole schedule off, but...surprisingly, thankfully...nothing has.  Some nights have definitely been much more difficult to draw through, but like anything, there will be good and bad days.  Push through the tired and the wrist pain!

I have noticed a marked decrease in the time it's taking to complete comics for 2 reasons: my drawing skill and setting limitations.  Obviously the skill will be honed as I relentlessly scribble my comics, but there's another skill underlying the drawing itself; setting realistic comic goals.  Often I'll get huge ideas spanning frames and frames, which is a lot of time and effort.  Before, I would do the whole thing, regardless of how long it took me.  Now, I see that there's nothing wrong with breaking up a joke into parts and spreading them over a few days to give my eyes and wrist a chance to heal up a bit.  

Of everything I've done, my favourite part is drawing hands.  Hands seemed really complex to me at first until I broke it down in my mind to basic polygonal shapes.  On a good day, I can play with this figure in my imagination and figure out how the hand will be drawn.  I'm often my own hand model though every other day.
Shoe and foot foreshortening is difficult, too, which is ironic that the easier shape compared to the hand is giving me more grief.  Something about it...I dunno.  Perhaps my next drawing challenge will be all about hand and feet gestures to whip me into shape there as well.  I haven't decided yet when I'll be starting the next drawing challenge, but I'll be giving myself at least a month off before jumping back into it.  I have to admit, I was quite pleased with the work that came from the challenge.

A friend at work told me about blogger sites where images (comics) can be uploaded as well.....and for free.  May look into that for the first year into my webcomic series (starting on my birthday!) before buying ad space for my own site.  I shall cross that bridge when I come to it.  

Thanks to anyone who reads this rag on anything that could be considered a basis.  I don't think it's bad form to shamelessly (yet humbly) self-promotion; If you like the comics, tell your friends, share my gallery link, or print and mail them to your friends and family!  I'm going to be trying to open up venues to start getting my comics to different places.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Pleasant evenings,

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After tonight's comic is finished, I'll have made it through a second month of Comic Bootcamp, with 10 more to go.  Drawing again has filled my time nicely.  I used to think you couldn't force creativity; now I'm well aware that you can.  Creating these comics has kept me up until hours of the morning I'd just as soon rather not see again, but I'm still having fun with it.  A few days ago I found myself re-reading all my comics from the was reassuring that some even made me laugh, even though I knew the joke forwards, backwards, and upside down.

As I had mentioned previously, March marks the beginning of another one of my New Year's resolution: one of the four 30 Day Drawing Challenges...though, in this case, it will be a 31 day drawing challenge.  I scoured the web looking for themed ones and really didn't have a lot of luck.  I found only about a bajillion copies of the same list in my searches, and once on the other side of the crap-swamp I had to wade through, I found this one: - As supplied by G-Townsend

I've been playing with the look of my comics a bit.  I'm trying not to get pinned down in one style.  Admittedly, I fall back on a still generic looking set of characters, but I'm trying not to get stuck in a rut.  I started off drawing stick figures waaaaaaaay back in middle school, so I like to present a dressier version now that I can draw a little better.  

Off to draw my comic tonight!




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I'm 24 years old and have been drawing from an early age. Whether my doodles are any good or not, the jury is still out on. I went to a liberal arts college and focused on animation for two and a half years, however, found that academia and art mixed about as well as oil and water do. I very much enjoy sequential art; I've been drawing comics for the last 11 years. I have 3 cats: Juno, Kuro, and Fluff L. Puff, as well as a chinchilla named Chewy. I currently live in Erie, PA in a small but nice apartment.

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